Sunday, January 23, 2005


The best thing that could happen to Tablet PC's

In my opinion, the best thing that could happen to Tablet PC’s is price reduction. Get the price at an attractive level ($1500 or lower) and the public will take a serious look. The reason my kids don’t use Tablet PC’s in our homeschool is that they are too expensive.


Battery life is important and could stand to be improved; but we already have good battery management, and a person can bring an extra battery with them if they are highly mobile.


Software is important and ink-enabling existing software is something that vendors should already be planning to do, but Tablet PC’s are successful because they can run any software that runs on XP anyway.


Just my opinion…


Very good points, Rob, but I would add another factor besides price that would make a huge difference. Advertising. Of any kind. I run across several people every single day who have never SEEN a Tablet PC. How can they even look for one to buy, even if they get cheaper, if they don't even know what they are?
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