Sunday, January 16, 2005


Getting rid of my M200

I'm getting rid of my Toshiba M200 Tablet PC. No, I have not fallen out of love with tablets - completely the opposite.

I was using the M200 more as a laptop and less as a tablet pc. I got a used TC1100 for testing purposes and found myself gravitating more and more to it rather than my M200. Sure the M200 is more powerful, but the flexability and design of the TC1100 can't be beat. It has a great keyboard - and it comes off.

All in all, I've found that I enjoy my tablet experience more with the TC1100 than with the M200. I use the pen more; I use it as a slate more; I take it with me to church more. Its' smaller, lighter, and smoother.

So, if anyone is interested in a used M200 (about a year old) with 1gb of ram, a port replicator, and an extra battery, shot me an email: rob at

Hey Rob, if you don't get any takers for your Toshiba I'll take if off your hands. I won't even charge you for it. :)
I'll keep that in mind :-)
sold the M200 yesterday..thanks for all the inquiries.
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