Thursday, January 20, 2005


Some fantastic news concerning my daughter

My 8 year old daughter, Maggie, has been fighting a cancerous brain tumor for over a year and a half. I won't recount everything here, but the tumor has proven to be very resistive against both brain surgery and chemo.

In late October, we went to Pittsburgh for her to have a gamma knife surgery.

Maggie just had her first MRI since October, and it showed a 50-75% reduction in size. The treatment still has 3-4 more months to go, so it looks very hopeful that the entire tumor will be gone in a couple of months.

You can read more about Maggie here.


I don't know you but I've read your blog the past few days as i'm very interested in the tablet pc. I didn't know about your daughter until tonight. a big CONGRATULATIONS to you and your daughter; i'll keep you and maggie in my prayers tonight.

I'm blessed with three daughters . . . all 19 months old right now and i can't imagine what you've been through.

good luck and God bless.

triplets!!! I can't imagine your life!

Thanks for the encouragement.
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