Monday, January 24, 2005


Where to buy used Tablet PC's

I’ve received some questions from people about where to buy used Tablet PC’s. Here are some pointers.

1) Check the refurbs available from manufacturers

2) Stay away from eBay, unless your comfortable buying computers over eBay.

3) Checkout the For Sale forum on

4) Don’t buy 1st gen models. They are too slow. Stay away from models with processors less than 1ghz. Look for Centrino.

5) Always ask the seller if the software comes with it and always ask about scratches on the screen, and warranty status.

We have a large supply of factory refurbished LS800 tablet PCs in stock.

Comes with everything you need including two batteries and two chargers!

Pentium M 1.2GHZ Processor
XP Tablet Edition
16GB Solid State Disk (SSD) Hard Drive. (no noise or heat, can operate at any altitude)
8.4" SVGA TFT LCD Display
Standard Battery
Extended Battery
"Mobile Dock" Desktop Docking Station
L-Series Charger capable of charging multiple batteries simultaneously
AC Power Pack
Digitizer Pen
Bump Case
Integrated Bluetooth
Ethernet LAN Controller (RJ-45 Connector)
Secure Digital (SD) Slot
Fingerprint Reader integrated into the system
"Speak Anywhere" Audio Technology
Ambient Light Sensor
Atheros Super AG 802.11 Wireless Connectivity

You did not leave a way to contact you or a price please get back to me with this information.
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