Tuesday, January 25, 2005


Yahoo! News - Sex Map Shows Chain of Almost 300 High School Lovers

This means that teens need a different approach to sexual health education and especially prevention of sexually transmitted diseases, the team at Ohio State University said.

I'd say so. Anyone ever heard of teaching abstinence?

Yahoo! News - Sex Map Shows Chain of Almost 300 High School Lovers
In fact it does not surprise me at all Rob. With the plethora of so called sit coms, TV dramasand movies preaching promiscurituy it should come as absolutely no surprise. The sociologists obviously never watch TV.
Abstinence doesn't work unfortunately. They tried promoting it when I went to Catholic school and it only made us want it more. (Ever wonder why Catholic school girls are usually the loosest?)

Eventually you have to accept it and start being safe about it. Fortunately, teens are WAY better about protection today than in the 70s and 80s.

Here is a site that I think is trying to tack teen sex the right way:

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