Sunday, February 27, 2005


Brightcove Launched

This from Jeremy Allaire's (co-founder of Allaire - later sold to Macromedia) weblog

Brightcove Launched: "

As noted on PaidContent, we're launching Brightcove, a company I started last summer and have been stealth until now.  While we're not getting into too much detail about what we're actually doing, we are starting to talk about the themes and ideas behind the company, which one can clearly use to deduce what we might be up to. 

The theme of the "democratization of media" is one that goes all the way back to my origin interests in the Internet, and to some of the important ideas that framed and drove ColdFusion, and Allaire's other software franchises.  We're onto the next phase of experiences on the Internet, and the much richer and expressive medium of video. 

There's a narrated animation on our website that gives a good view into what we see happening and how we hope to help producers and publishers of video take us into the emerging era of Internet Television.

We've also published a company blog that is a rollup of news, announcements, blogsphere references and suggested reading.  Keep it in your RSS readers!

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