Monday, February 14, 2005


Getting into ActiveWords

I met Buzz Bruggerman at Windows Anywhere last week. He turned me on to his product: ActiveWords. I’ve slowly been adapting the program to my work flow and can really see how this tool can enhance productivity. I’m especially looking forward to the new ink-enabled version of ActiveWords – the ability to launch apps with a few ink strokes and a gesture.

For those of you who don’t know, ActiveWords captures your keystrokes before the application you are typing into does. So, no matter where you are typing, you can activate an application, an email, a google search, etc all with just a few keytrokes. The biggest hurdle for me to get over was that it wouldn’t interfere with my regular typing. The activewords are launched after a double space. Some of the add-ins really help as well. I just downloaded the capitalizations and contractions add-on for free, and they have already saved me several times a day.

I’d highly encourage you to download a trial of this application:
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