Tuesday, February 15, 2005


Getting into OnFolio

I've been using the OnFolio 2.0 for the last several weeks. I love it. The newspaper view is simply fantastic - much better than NewsGator.

The Collection tab is really good as well, as you create your own notes, store webpages, store selected text and emails from Outlook, and annotate those collections. My biggest disappointment with OnFolio is their lack of ink support for annotating using Tablet PC. I really hope they will incorporate inking as an annotation feature. After annotating using ink and the Tablet PC, it really feels more awkward to annotate using a keyboard - much less personal and custom.

Come on OnFolio - give us ink annotation!
Yeah, ink does sound like a good addition to Onfolio. A lot of people want more control over the types of annotations they can add to captured content, and we get requests for ink specifically from a variety of folks. Thanks for letting us know you view.

-Sebastian (from Onfolio)
Thanks for the comment, Sebastian. Knowing that its' on your radar screen says a lot.

You have a great product. I love using it. Keep up the good work.
Rob, have you try jetBrains Omea reader 1.03 ? it's really fantastic, but no ink support ...
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