Tuesday, February 08, 2005


Lots of stuff happening...

Windows Anywhere has been great so far, and its' only been 2 days.

Check out www.TabletPCBuzz.com for a complete overview so far.

I met Tom Clarkson yesterday - what a great guy and an innovative product he has in Orange Guava. I also got to meet and have dinner with Buzz Bruggerman tonight. What a guy! He is the man behind ActiveWords. I met for 2 seconds and he was already telling me about ActiveWords - we could all learn a great deal from Buzz. Tom and Buzz are working together to ink-enable ActiveWords.

I went out after dinner with Trevor Clairborne, Tom Clarkson, and Josh Einstein (Tablet Enhancements for Outlook). What a great time. I've really enjoyed getting to know Josh over the past year and it was great to meet him face to face. Thanks for the beers, Josh!

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