Friday, February 11, 2005


Microsoft Windows Anywhere Wrap-Up

Good Microsoft Windows Anywhere wrap up from Lora Heiny. Lora was the engine behind the scenes getting the conversations to happen.

Microsoft Windows Anywhere Wrap-Up: "

MWA Day 3

Yesterday was jam-packed with conversation about how to grow the Tablet PC ecosystem, so by the time night rolled around people were ready to crash. Instead, we trooped to Midnight Madness and later to an art alley for night–time entertainment. I’m not exactly sure how many people were at the Tablet PC MVP party. My guess is there were over 100 people. I saw Julie Leman, Stan Leszynski, Robert Scoble, Mary Jo Foley, Rob Bushway, Trevor Claiborne, Nancy Lush, Linda A. Epstein, Jim Louderback, Mac McCarthy, Josh Einstein, Tom Clarkson, Buzz Bruggeman"

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