Friday, February 11, 2005


More Tablet PC / iBook

Here is some more from Jason Mark and his Mac to Tablet PC switch:

More Tablet PC / iBook: "

I wasn't surprised to see some interesting feedback on my post yesterday.  While not entirely unexpected, I thought I'd add a bit more insight based on a few questions I was asked.....

First of all...did I do away with my Macs?  Heavens no.  However do I carry one with me wherever I go?  Not anymore.  My Tablet however does go with me.  Is it because of Windows?  Not necessarily.  I am a huge fan of Mac OS X, however I also think Windows is getting better all the time.  As someone pointed out from one of my earlier posts, I make my living developing for Windows so my switching to a Tablet as my primary personal computer may not be considered a "true" switch.  Even so, in my opinion it is still significant.  Obviously I've used a Mac as my "personal" machine for some time despite my working in a Windows world.  My personal switch to a Tablet isn't about "giving in" to my surroundings, it's about what better fits into my life.  If I could grab the screen on my iBook, flip it around, lay it down, and use it like my Tablet, then maybe I'd have not had a need for a new Tablet -- but in case anyone hasn't noticed, my iBook can't do that!

That being are some more thoughts"

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