Sunday, February 27, 2005


MWA was a ton of fun

If you attend Microsoft Windows Anywhere, let Frank Gocinski know your thoughts:

MWA was a ton of fun: "

Wow, the three weeks leading up to MWA were incredibly busy and full of last minute details (and I logged over 10K air miles), issues and concerns, it was fun to see how well our first tablet and mobile pc application development focused conference went. Great execution, lots or hard work, excited customers, great press and news about tablet and mobile pc. Great hardware reviews and announcements and excellent opportunities for the OEMs to talk with the developer and ISVs.


I’ll compile a list of the external news and post that shortly, I’d encourage you to read some of the timely data posted on the Tablet focused sites and newsgroups.


So many people from Microsoft, Fawcette, Matt from Wagged, our MVPs, Tablet Influentials and many more played a critical role in making this event happen. Two folks who really kicked it up a notch to make this event a success were Tina and Lora – you ladies rock!


We however are not done, in fact we’ve just started.  Should we do this again? Do you think MWA in Orlando with VS Live Orlando makes sense, should we merge with MEDC and start to build an end to end mobile message for our customers?

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