Wednesday, February 09, 2005


My foray into the Apple world

I'm in San Francisco attending Windows Anywhere. Apple has a store just around the corner from my hotel, so I decided to visit. After reading about Robert Scoble's Apple store visits, I knew I would be in for a treat.

The place was packed! There were young and old inside. Almost every computer was being used, and people were waiting in line just to try a Powerbook out. Lots of folks trying out the Shuffle and iPod. I've never seen so many people in a computer store as I have in this one.

I talked to the security guard and asked him if it was always like this. He replied "Always ". The excitement level I sensed in that store can't be described.

glad to see you checked out an Apple store - did you try any of the hardware? Unfortunately, Apple has no tablet computers yet, but the iBooks are marvelous.
BTW, there is only one "r" in "foray."
Take care,
Thanks for the heads up on my spelling. Edited accordingly :-)

I did try out several models: Powerbook G4 (12" and 17"), Mac Mini, the Shuffle.

Very impressed. I loved the navigation and quickly everything loaded. If they came out with a tablet, I'd certainly buy one. I'm seriously considering getting a Mac Mini to learn more about them - can't justify the $1500 investment just yet in the Powerbooks, although its' very tempting.

I wouldn't be a "switcher", just own both systems.
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