Saturday, February 26, 2005


A needed Tablet PC TIP enhancement

I'd love to see a fix where the floating TIP for the Tablet PC wouldn't cover up buttons - like the run button in the start menu, or drop down lists, etc.
I just installed ritePen after I heard James rave about it on the Tablet PC Show and it solves the problem because now I don't use TIP at all!
I tried RitePen last year and wasn't too impressed. I'll need to give it another try with the new version. Thanks for the FYI.
I also tried RitePen last year (or was it early this year and found it to be too slow, among other things. Now I'm giving it another try this weekend, and I've got to say these folks have made another sale! Whatever was in that latest update fixed me right up. Your fellow MVPs were right: now I DON'T miss Write Anywhere :\

I just hope I won't miss that 30 bucks!
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