Tuesday, February 22, 2005


New Tablet Educators Blog

This from Loren Heiny on his dad's new blog on Tablet PC's and Education. Way to go!

New Tablet Educators Blog: "

Wow. My Dad's trying out his own blog. It's called "The Tablet PC Education Blog" and will focus on what else, but Education and Tablet PCs :-). As a long-term educator and increasingly heavy Tablet user, it makes sense that he's picked a focus like this. It'll be interesting to see where he takes it. From the outset I imagine it will be a great complement to The Student Tablet PC Blog and the other Tablet community sites.

The Tablet PC Education blog is only a couple days old, but already it has a couple great posts:

* Barbie goes digital at the Internation Toy Fair. Tablet sold separately.
* Southampton Computer Science students are using Tablet PCs
* ABC News segment shows a young boy with autism using a Tablet PC with an assistive communication software program.

I get a kick out of pushing technology as far as I can--particularly when things are new and undefined. However, now that my 69-year old father launches his own blog covering Tablets, I'm coming to the realization that not only are blogs coming into the mainstream, but Tablets are too. Hmm. How long will it be before he starts Podcasting? Heh.

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