Tuesday, February 08, 2005


Robert Scobble's talk on blogging, marketing, etc

Just got out of Robert Scoble's talk at Windows Anywhere conference on blogging. Very good info that all ISV's and OEM's need to integrate into their marketing. I was astounded at the power of a link.

Here is a picture of Buzz Bruggerman and Robert Scoble.

Some other great info that came out off the talk were some growth numbers for tablet pc's:
400,000 shipped in 2003
800,000 shipped in 2004
1.6m - 2m estimated to ship in 2005.
Those are great numbers that ISV's should be pleased to read.

The two sessions I've been in so far have been very well attended. Lots of tablet pc's in use. Observation: OThe overall type of tablet in use: convertible. Brand: Toshiba M200.

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