Wednesday, February 09, 2005


Some highlights of my trip..

Windows Anywhere has been a great conference. This has been one of the better trips I've taken lately. Several highlights:

1) Hanging out with Josh Einstein.
2) Meeting many of the developers who are excited and jazzed about developing for the Tablet PC. Their excitement is contagious.
3) Attending Julie Lerman's web development / inking session.
4) Meeting and hanging out with the developers from Agilix. What a solid group of guys.
5) Hanging out with Lora and Loren Heiny. Solid people who are more excited about Tablet PC's than anybody I know. Their minds are always working.

This conference was all about networking for me, so I can do a better job of evangelizing the Tablet PC and helping the users at . I'm not a big Tablet PC developer, but would like to learn more. I'm already thinking of ways to reengineer my TabletBible stuff using the new GoBinder SDK.

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