Tuesday, February 08, 2005


Standard ink formats, Journal, and OneNote

During the Design Considerations session at the Windows Anywhere Conference, David Hale was talking about the need for developers to support the Ink Standard Format so users could copy and paste ink across multiple apps, and ink could be read by other applications that supported that standard.

One of the common complaints among Tablet PC OneNote users is that ink is not ink within OneNote - they don't support the Ink Standard Format in use by Journal, GoBinder, and what Microsoft encourages ISV's to develop their apps in. Pasting selected ink from Journal into OneNote and vice versa, results in the the ink being treated as image.

After the session, I questioned David Hale about this. He did not know that ink pasted into OneNote as an image and was actually really surprised to find this out. He said he would get back to me with an answer.
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