Friday, February 11, 2005


Thinking in the box

Great stuff from Loren on OEMs, ISVs, and Tablet PCs.

Thinking in the box: "

One of the best panels in the Business Track at MWA was the OEM Panel led by Robert Scoble.

I imagine there are a lot of Tablet ISVs that would like to have their software bundled with Tablets, or have flyers included in their boxes, or possibly go on a sales call with the hardware teams. And the panel went a long way to "answer" this question. The take away? Don't count on it.

Here's the underlying issue. For the majority of Tablet hardware folks, their sales forces are quota driven and they're going to sell to their existing customer base. Period. They need large sales. They need sales they know they can get. Plus, Tablets are only a small portion of their entire business so they get a proportionate amount of attention.

Now it's not all that bad. If you have a Tablet product that targets enterprises and complements Oracle, Siebel, and other existing enterprise products and you have existing customers that overlap their customers, then they might work with you. To get in the door, one suggestion is to work with a regional sales force first, build an experience base with them, and then hopefully increase the volume enough and then attention (from customers) so that your product is on their radar.

So one tip: If you have a customer that like"

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