Friday, February 11, 2005


Winning people over one at a time

Winning people over one at a time: "
When someone sees a Tablet PC in action, they just "get it" immediately.

Online, we continually see examples of Tablet PCs winning the hearts of people one at a time.

I enjoy working with Tablet PCs because of the personal elements that impact and result from the product. Tablet PCs are about people and the way people work. This is best told through stories.

The thing about stories is that where there is one good example that someone shares, there are many others who may have had the same experience and just didn't share it publicly (through article, blogging, newsgroup post, at conferences, etc.). I'm glad that Tablet PCs being talked about more and more, and you can find bits and pieces of these stories through resources like Technorati, Feedster, Google, and MSN Search.

Blogger for Fragments of my existence has a series of blog posts about his Tablet PC. He's tracked the arrival to learning how to use it.

The Promise of a TabletPC

Life with my TabletPC

More Tablet PC / iBook

The best part about these posts is that his emphasis is on how valuable the Tablet PC is as a tool, and it's not about brand preference.

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