Wednesday, March 02, 2005


AbletFactory releases OneNote EMR Toolkit

Congratulations to AbletFactory on the official release of the OneNote EMR Toolkit.

The OneNote EMR Toolkit is for physicians with a Tablet computer who are dissatisfied with current EMR solutions and want a portable and productive solution for patient chart/document management. Our product is a new way to capture, organize, share and display clinical information in the small physician office setting, at home, or on the road. It provides and easy-to-use interface that uses familiar forms and simple data entry tools– the pen and notebook metaphor. Unlike typical EMR solutions, ours is a complete and stand-alone system that grows with your requirements. We have combined the ability to access your information and share it with the Microsoft OneNote program, using all of its strengths and capabilities

* Directly import existing patient data
* Use your own or provided Templates
* Publish data to a Patient Portal, or email to Patient directly.
* Password protect data for HIPAA compliance
* Share data with others
* Search for data, text and even search ink
* Combines easy to use ink data entry with custom formatting
* Insert flags, notes, and audio messages directly into charts
* Time Stamp entries for auditing and accountability
* Directly scan paper charts into Patient’s OneNote EMR record
* Use Microsoft as your application development partner

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