Thursday, March 24, 2005


Apple Deploying 63,000 iBooks in Cobb County Schools

I echo Robert's thoughts here: Where are you Tablet OEMs and Microsoft? That is a major win!

Apple Deploying 63,000 iBooks in Cobb County Schools: "Pending approval from the Board of Education on March 24, 2005, the Cobb County School District, Marietta, GA will partner with Apple to provide 63,000 Apple iBook G4 notebook computers, first to all K-12 teachers this spring and to high school students in Spring 2006. This will be the largest school district to engage in a one-to-one computer initiative.

The price of each iBook , based on a four-year lease, is $271.26 per year, less than the cost per computer in Maine & Michigan's programs. Add in comprehensive training and local support, and the cost per student is only $350 annually.

Each iBook has a full four-year warranty. Help will be available, through a 24/7/365 dedicated help desk.

OK, Tablet PC manufacturers and Microsoft, where are you with comparable partnerships and deployments?

Thanks, ScottyGu3 for the link in your comment about Tablet PC Cost Effectiveness and Efficiency in Education on The Tablet PC Education Blog."

(Via The Tablet PC Education Blog.)

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