Tuesday, March 08, 2005


GoBinderPlugins.com launched!

I just launched a new website dedicated to hosting plugins for the yet released GoBinder 2006:

GoBinderPlugins.com . Think of it as a download.com for GoBinder plugins.

This site will be a one stop shop for plugins made especially to extend Agilix's GoBinderâ„¢ product. Imagine plugins that will allow you to customize your calendar, task list, an order taking application, a plugin for the new Google Desktop search, a built-in RSS reader, etc. The possibilities are numerous. Register to get your copy of the SDK and documentation here.

If you are developer, this will be the site for you to list your plugin. This site will officially launch with available plugins when GoBinder 2006 is launched. Meanwhile, if you are a developer who has already created a plugin, email us at info@GoBinderPlugins.com .

GoBinderâ„¢ is an ink enabled notetaking application that runs on Tablet PC's and non Tablet PC's. It is a mobile content organizer for professionals and a mobile course organizer for students.
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