Wednesday, March 02, 2005


Implementing FireFox corporate wide

I've got several corporate clients that I've set up for testing with FireFox. The results have been mixed.

1) They like the speed and tabbed browsing
2) Several sites just don't work with FireFox.
3) To make FireFox work, they would also need to keep using Internet Explorer as well. That doesn't work well in the corporate environment. They need one browser that they can use all the time. Not switching back and forth to different browsers depending on their need.

So - for right now, I'm keeping them all on Internet Explorer. They are willing to put up with the security holes and weekly patches, as long as they have a good anti-spyware installed.
Just curious, how is it that you have to use IE to use FF?

I haven't started IE in at least 2 months and have been using FF all the time. FF is NOT IE based like Maxthon or CrazyBrowser...
I should probably clarify my comment:

You don't need IE to make FF work. What I meant to say was that they would need to have two browsers to bring up sites that won't work in FF. For example, the links on some sites they go to regularly don't work in FF. Some of the sites are strictly written to work in IE.

From a support standpoint, they should only have to deal with a single browser interface, not: "If I go to this site, I can use FF, if I go to this other site, I need to use IE."

Also creates a problem with maintaining bookmarks in multiple browsers.
Maybe you can add the Maxthon shell to IE. Steve has the information -
You could also install an UserAgent switcher that is set to IE6 as default. dont know if that will work.

and you could make use of the "view in IE" extension. saves the end-user and extra click or two.

still not the best solution though.
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