Thursday, March 24, 2005


Interview with HP's Ben Thacker coming up

Earlier this week I posted about an interview I have coming up with an OEM. Well, the interview is with HP's Ben Thacker. Ben is the Manager of the Specialized Products and Options Group at HP. I'll let Ben describe his position:

I work in our Mobile Computing Product Division. It’s where the products are created before being passed to our regional marketing and sales teams. My marketing team focuses on the product marketing and product strategy for our Tablet PC’s, Rugged PC’s, and our Commercial and SMB Notebook Accessories (docking, travel batteries, cases, etc).

The interview is very insightful and one I think the Tablet PC community will really enjoy. Its' a unique opportunity to hear from one of the most successful Tablet PC OEMs on the market.

Look for it on Sunday at
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