Thursday, March 24, 2005


Loren Heiny: TabletFlash V1.1 Uploaded

Loren Heiny: TabletFlash v1.1 uploaded: "

A little late, but here's the update for the TabletFlash program.

What's new?

Well, now you can write on and view the back side of each card. Here's the classic appearance of the front of a card:

And here's the new back side:

Tapping on the button on the bottom-right of the card flips the card over. There's a 'flip' button in the Standard Toolbar too.

Also, to make it easier to flip through cards, the Up/Down keys now sequence through cards and the Left/Right keys flip the card over. If you're using your Tablet as a slate, you may have cursor buttons on the case that you can now use to navigate through the cards very quickly.

One other big change: The audio recordings are now saved in the flashcard files rather than as separate files. This will make it a lot easier to copy and share flashcards.

Oh, and I've added an install program too and a couple flashcard samples are included in the Program Files folder.


(Via Incremental Blogger.)

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