Thursday, March 17, 2005


Michael Hyatt: Corporate Blogging Rules

Good for Thomas Nelson Publishers and Michael Hyatt for making public their draft on corporate blogging. View the draft and post your comments at Michael's blog. You could help Thomas Nelson and in the process help formulate a "standard" document on corporate blogging.

Corporate Blogging Rules: "

My company, Thomas Nelson Publishers, is about to launch a corporate blog aggregator site. Internally, we have tried to encourage a small band of employees to begin blogging.  The aggregator site will simply link to the individual sites. It will be similar to, but it will be accessible through our main corporate Web site.

This program  has three primary objectives:

To raise the visibility of our company and our products.

To make a contribution to the publishing community.

To give people a look at what goes on inside a real publishing company.

Like many companies, we have struggled with what guidance to give to our bloggers. I personally checked with several companies. None had formalized a set of blogging rules or written guidance. One Microsoft blogger told me that the only rule his company provided was, “Be smart.” I thought we probably needed a little more guidance than that, so several of us cooked up a list of “Blogging Terms and Conditions.” Our corporate counsel has also had a crack at it.

I am posting this draft publicly so that you can comment on it.

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