Thursday, March 31, 2005


The next to last post about the Copernic Tablet PC issue

From James Kendrick:


A flurry of activity the past few days shows how important the blogosphere can be when an issue affects a lot of people. I originally posted about the Copernic Desktop Search problem working on Tablet PCs days ago and ranted about the software company's position that they can't test CDS on a Tablet because they don't have one and have no intention of getting one. The blogosphere reacted to that in a uniform fashion as often happens in cases like this with Marc Orchant of The Tablet PC Weblog joining in the discussion in total agreement with my position. Marc's post was in turn picked up by numerous other websites and a flurry of activity has ensued today. I have heard directly from the Copernic co-founder, Martin Bouchard, CEO David Burns, and finally VP of Technology Albert Dang-Vu. All three gentlemen expressed the commitment of Copernic to get a Tablet PC and test the program and more importantly to fix it for Tablet owners.

This has been reported on numerous websites already so this will be my next to last post on the CDS subject. Albert Dang-Vu has reported to me that the TIP flicker problem has been fixed and will appear in the next release. Kudos to Copernic for stepping up to the plate and addressing the situation in a professional manner. The last post I will make on this subject will be to report when a fixed version has been released.


(Via jkOnTheRun.)

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