Tuesday, March 22, 2005


Projects, projects, projects!

My project load is starting to really kick in after taking about a week off.

On the Tablet PC front, I'm still working on the Broadman and Holman bible for TabletBible.com, as well as getting about 30 - 50 new books published from mountzion.org. In addition, I'm slowly working on my own TabletBible application that will be using InfiNotes as its' foundation. No timetable on that one yet.

I've had to adjust the workload on some of my tablet pc stuff so I could concentrate on items that help pay my bills.

I've gotten several new clients for web development work, as well as existing project work that I'm working on. I truly love the work I do. I recently read on Scoble's blog about how he doesn't need the Google 20% time benefit to work on what he loves because that is what he spends all of his time doing anyway. I'm the same way. I use that 20% to take care of things I don't like doing: paying bills, paperwork, etc.

Look for an interview to be published on TabletPCBuzz.com toward the end of the month that I have with one of the major OEMs and their take on the future of the Tablet PC.
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