Monday, March 07, 2005


Secure Signature Biometric Pen uses strokes for security - Engadget

Secure Signature Biometric Pen uses strokes for security: "

biometric penThis may not be as slick as IBM’s bionic, er, biometric touchpad, but the Secure Signature Biometric Pen has one big advantage over that system: it’ll work with any PC laptop (Mac users are out of luck). The pen uses software that replaces the Windows login screen with one that requires a signature. The pen connects by USB, and you can sign on any piece of paper or other nearby surface; no touchscreen required (in fact, you’d better make sure not to sign on your screen, since this pen has ink). According to the manufacturer, the pen tracks your strokes as you’re writing your signature, making it impossible to forge. Unfortunately, it only works with the login screen; it can’t be used as a password-replacement for encrypted files or secure websites.

[Via BIOS]

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