Saturday, March 05, 2005


Tablet PC sells millionth unit - Scoble

Tablet PC sells millionth unit: "
Congrats to the Tablet PC team for selling a million Tablets.

At any other company that'd be considered an outstanding success. Getting a million people to do ANYTHING is pretty tough.

Walking around the TechFest this week I came to the realization that the Tablet PC is dead.


The functionality that lets you be able to use a pen (or, even, your finger) to use ink on screen will just be something that every PC will ship with. There's all sorts of interesting stuff coming for computers with digitizers built in.

I'm sensing this is a breakout year for the Tablet PC team, though, that aside. The Tablet PC is growing up fast and we're not yet on version 3.0. Copyright: Copyright 2005 Robert Scoble


Pen functionality in all laptops and slates...its' going to happen. I can forsee a day in the next seveal years when the tablet pc name doesn't apply any longer - its' just a laptop with pen functionality or a slate with pen functionality - a Mobile PC. Tablet PC is driving the new input method, it will just boil down to the preferred platform in which one chooses to use it
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