Wednesday, March 16, 2005


TabletPCPlace: TC1100 is not dead

From Christopher James:

There have been some roumors that the HP TC1100 is no more, this
cannot be further from the truth, the following is a statement from HP
UK which I hope will dispell all thoughts about this:

I can assure you that you are indeed correct, the rumors are not
true. We certainly are having some component supply issues on the
TC1100 mainly down to the shortage of faster 1.1 or 1.2GHz ULV
processors, and making matters worse we also have display shortages on
the Celeron model. TIP: If anyone wants a brand new tc1100 in a hurry
we do have planty of material in our factories to make the 1.0GHz ULV
versions, part number DQ871A, we have reintroduced this model in the UK
to allow us to fulfill customers orders on TC1100.

Read his site for more details:
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