Thursday, March 31, 2005


Terri Schiavo has died - Mar 31, 2005

Our society has shown its' true colors for allowing this to happen, and the true after effects of 25 years of Roe V Wade. The effects of today will be felt for generations and our children's children will ask how we could have ever let this happen. Starving someone to death. Forgive us.... - Terri Schiavo has died - Mar 31, 2005
Funny how someone who "didn't want to live like that" sure seemed to hang on, literally, for dear life, isn't it?

God is forgiving, but only when we draw a line and step back from it. This far and no further. Or not even close to it again.
The Shivo case is not the most telling sign of our country's "true colors"--this is the same country that will not pay for universal healthcare or adequately fund the Medicaid program that was keeping Shivo alive. The country with a president who, signed the Advance Directive Act in Texas which authorized physicians to refuse to honor a patient's or guardian's wishes (this act was used March 15, 2005, to remove 6-month-old Sun Hudson from a ventilator at Texas Children's Hospital, his parents' wishes to the contrary notwithstanding).

The uproar about this case has to do with political expediency, not respect for life.
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