Saturday, March 05, 2005


TPCU: Double Majoring in Engineering and Tablets

Great article by Tracy Hooten :

TPCU: Double Majoring in Engineering and Tablets: "

Screenshot081_1 I'd call this the first day of classes but I think that'd be stretching the TPCU thing too far (lol) so I'll just call this the first post in our new degree series ^_^. 

Figured I'd start with an easy one: my major. Well, granted my major is technically petroleum engineering, but given that's not probably the most popular, we're grouping all engineering together today. I know aerospace engineering is different than biomedical engineering, but they all have the same general idea and there's really only so many things specific to each major. That said, on with the show. (Note: These articles won't contain everything you'll find useful in your major, just what certain majors would find more useful than others. And, as always, everything here is just suggestions ^_^).

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