Monday, April 18, 2005


Are Tablets too disruptive in the workplace?

In response to a blog post by , Warner has carried on the conversation at

I don't buy the laptop "barrier" issue that many people bring up - I think its' a marketing created issue that many people have bought into. However, I enjoy meetings more with my tablet than with laptop. I can sit in a chair across from the other participant and work on my tablet, take notes. You can't do that with a laptop - too many balancing issues. With that, I don't find the Tablet PC to be disrupting at all - its' just as natural as a notepad (once the initial "what is that" is over).

I think we will get less of that as more people get Tablet PCs. Lora was telling me last night that all of the stores she went to in the Seattle area were sold out of Tablet PCs. The R15's are selling fast.

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