Saturday, April 02, 2005

Congratulations to James Kendrick on his Tablet PC MVP award - well deserved.

Microsoft MVP award: "

Jk_icon_small_2I am thrilled to inform you readers that I have received a Microsoft MVP award. The Microsoft Most Valued Professional (MVP) program is best summed up on the MVP website:

The Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) Program recognizes and thanks outstanding members of technical communities for their community participation and willingness to help others. The program celebrates the most active community members from around the world who provide invaluable online and offline expertise that enriches the community experience and makes a difference in technical communities featuring Microsoft products.

My MVP award is in the Tablet PC category and I am honored to have been considered for the award and very glad to receive this recognition from Microsoft. Don't worry, I will still call them to the carpet if they need it. :)


(Via jkOnTheRun.)

Many thanks Rob! Not only for this nice post but also for all the support you have given me as well the entire community.
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