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Darren Barefoot: Why I'm Not Smoking the Podcasting Dope | Darren Barefoot

Came across this while reading through Scoble. Darren's got some very interesting thoughts on podcasting.

I really appreciate what James Kendrick and Marc Orchant are doing on the Tablet PC Show podcast, and I've enjoyed the first set of shows. They are doing a great service to the Tablet PC Community.

That said, except for the Tablet PC Show, I have yet to listen to another podcast. Why? Hitting upon what Darren brought up, I can skim lots of blog entries from lots' of people and news sources rather quickly. However, I can't do the same thing with a podcats. In addition, by the time topics get podcasted, people who would tend to listen to a podcast have already written or read about the topic, so a news show a week later summarizing that news becomes irrelevant and a waste of time. In addition, if transcripts to a podcast get published, what's the point of the podcast? I can search and read the pertient info from the podcast without actually listening to it, and move on.

What do I like about the possibility of podcasts? Interviews. I love interviews with people who I only read about. I want to hear their voices. If all The Tablet PC Show did was produce quality interviews with OEM's, movers and shakers in the industry, I'd be thrilled. There is no venue to physically hear from these people other than at a conference. Most of those folks don't participate in forums or newsgroups. I want to connect with them and catch their vision. Podcasting interviews can do some of that. Getting them to blog can reallllly do that.

Anyway, that's my two cents worth. Read through Darren's thoughts and post your comments.

Why I'm Not Smoking the Podcasting Dope | Darren Barefoot
Rob, you mean you don't listen to techADDICTION? On the last show Kevin and I sat down with Dave Ciccone of Dave's iPAQ and had a roundtable discussion on the "death of the PDA". We also discussed Tablets since all 3 of us use and love them.
Unfortunately, not. It sounds like a good interview, though.

You are missing the 'h' of 'http' in your link to the podcast.

just thought you'd want to know!

Thanks a bunch. Fixed.

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