Monday, April 18, 2005


Eric Mack On-Line -

I really like Eric's blog - good mix of technology and life. In my opinion, that's a good thing. WCrocker is pondering creating seperate blogs for technology, work, etc - keep it as is.

Eric Mack On-Line -
Thanks for the mention, Rob. When I created my blog, almost 4 years ago, I wanted it to be multidimensional - a total-life blog. What's interesting, is that I never intended to have this blog be my main blog -- it just happened that before I could launch my other blogs, this site got picked up Scobelized, and ... I know that some folks may only read the tech stuff, or the robotics stuff, or other sections. That's OK. For those who want, it's possible to get to know a little more about Eric Mack, the person, rather than Eric Mack, the guy who wrote a blog post. Many new friendships have developed as a result of my blog and I've been challenged to think differently.

For a fun look at a very interesting blog, check out the Mountaineer's web site. . My children blogged about their experiences preparing for and winning the Director's Award - twice - at the US FIRST, Jr. Robotics competition. They used MindManager and OneNote to track and manage their projects and actions. It was a lot of fun.

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