Tuesday, April 19, 2005


How I work with email

I've always struggled in the past with how best to deal with email. Lots of folks use David Allen's Getting Things Done method, but I have not been able to wrap my arms around it yet. So here is what I do:

1) I setup a rule for my regular recipients and topics that automatically moves them to their respective inbox folders upon receipt
2) I primarily work in the Unread mail search folder or mail view, so I'm only dealing with the email that is fresh. This view brings in all the email from my different folders.
3) When I'm finished reading it, I don't need to move it to its' proper folder because its' already there.
4) If its' something I need to work on later, I flag it. If I need to create a task or an appt from it, I'll drag it to the Task / Event icon.
5) Once or twice during the day, I'll move over to my High Priority or Flagged views and work on those. Again, they are still in their respective folders, just all grouped together.
6) Once a day, I'll scan my Junk Email folder for misflagged spam.
7) I generally keep all emails except for Junk and those I deem not important.

It works for me.
EXACTLY how I work with email too, Rob. I carry it a little further by also having mail from particular people in different colors using the rules so it stands out in the UNREAD search folder. Thanks for sharing this.
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