Sunday, April 24, 2005


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I posted a couple of days ago about the launch of forums. They've had a blog for a while, but the conversations and topics were generally one-way.

Its' very refreshing to see a Student Tablet PC focused place of discussion. Its' a site I will frequent on a daily basis, mainly just to listen and observe. I like to keep a finger on what the college / student crowd is up to. Their needs drive a lot of the innovation we see in the marketplace. If you are a devleoper looking for a product idea, it should be a place that you frequent on a regular basis.

Given the niche focus of and the obvious demand, is there a market for other niche forums? I'm not real sure. Going beyond the college market, the needs and discussions are pretty much the same. Lawyers have specialized software needs, but they take notes just like the rest of us, they have hardware issues just like the rest of us.

College kids are social animals and love to talk just about everything during all times of the day and night. That kind of dialogue and participation will be a good thing for Tablet PCs as it will raise the "chatter" level a lot in this space. It will also bring to light some specialized needs of students. I don't know if they will be doing any advertising banners, but if you are looking for a great location to advertise, I'd suggest you contact Tracy or Trevor at
College students social? Naw, we study all day. How can we have time to be social? ;-)

But yes, we're always looking for far Google Ads is our only source of income ^_^. It would be nice to see a couple developers in there discussing our needs, since many programs are geared towards use in the classroom or by students. I've seen one peorson from xThink, which is great, so maybe we're on to something.

And thanks, Rob, for the nice review ^_^. We do plan on branching a little from the university setting and including educators and high school topics on our forums, since those are also areas without a place to call home on the inkernet (I love that term) forum-wise (though The Tablet PC Education Blog does a great job at filling the blog demand ^_^).
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