Saturday, May 28, 2005


barely browsing

Since I began using an RSS aggregator about 9 months ago, my web browsing has whittled down a great deal. The only time I browse the web is when I want to post a comment on a blog, buy something, read or read a full text entry from the news. Everything else comes through my news aggregator and I just scan for headlines that interest me.

That's a major productivity boost. As RSS moves past the geek stage and into more mainstream use, I wonder what this will mean for websites? It means they better get with the RSS game and look at integrating ad streams in their feeds.

Take a look at Focus on the Family, for example. They are the largest Christian ministry, and most well known. They have a daily radio show, several news programs, tons of magazine sites, and feature breaking news on u.s. and world events. Now that is a site begging for RSS implementation.
So, which RSS aggregator would you recommend, then, Rob? I live in Outlook, so something that integrates with that would get used most often. I don't really want another constantly-running program on my already-stretched TC1100!
For Outlook integration, I'd recommend NewsGator.

However, my favorite is Onfolio. It runs within Internet Explorer, FireFox, or Maxthon.

When using a Macintosh (Powerbook G4), I use NetNewsWire.
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