Tuesday, May 17, 2005


Finally from PDF Annotator developer - Grahl Software

I received an email from Oliver Grahl, the develpoper of PDF Annotator. He asked that I share this with everyone.

"sorry for not coming back on you earlier. I'm just back from a 14 days vacation where I haven't been able to reply to emails.

I'm just working through a large number of mails, yours is the first one I'm answering.

So, just in brief: We had problems with the vendor of the PDF rendering technology used in PDF Annotator. That company did stop supporting their product, and finally the product got bought out by its developers. Although I hope that they will get up again soon now, I don't get bugs of the rendering engine fixed at the moment. So, I'm now evaluating some alternatives. Anyway, an update with lots of bug fixes is in the works (still using that rendering engine, but a newer version). It is scheduled for later this month.

I've got a lot of feedback on PDF Annotator so far, and it is currently the product I want to push most of all for this year. I'm not happy about the current situation, which has been caused by some mistakes on my side (i.e. waiting too long hoping for the rendering engine vendor getting up again). I hope that this technical issue will be resolved soon, as my todo list is full of great ideas from the current users' feedback.

Maybe you can post a short notice on the buzz. I'll try to send out an email to the existing customers ASAP."

Very glad that PDF Annotator is not going to turn out to be vaporware afterall. Looking forward to those new releases and hoping that he gets the rendering engine issue resolved.
Sounds like he is going through much of what I went through when I released TEO 1.0.

I released it as a hobby with a $20 price tag just to see if it would make a few bucks. It wasn't at all what I thought was a great application and I figured there probably would never be a second version.

But enough feedback and requests for a V2 made me realize that it was a product with at least a little bit of potential and now it's great and I can't wait until 3.0 is done.

Anyway, just seemed like a familiar situation.
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