Friday, May 27, 2005


got a mention in Fortune

As you might imagine, the activity level on my blog picked up quite bit this past week with the apple tablet post. I joked around with a friend of mine that I pulled my Google ads about two weeks too early!

While perusing my referral list, I noticed that Fortune picked up on the top and also mentioned my blog, as well as Paul Thurrott's. Pretty cool.

What this really shows is that the interest level in such a device is really high. It also shows that Microsoft was dead on when launching the Tablet PC and doing a superb job when they did it. IBM following suit with their new ThinkPad Tablet PC further solidifies the future of this platform.

Other sites of interest where my blog was referenced:

You're a superstar! Congrats.
You know, just because lots of people copy a blog post doesn't mean that the story is one that's got any journalistic merit. Steve Jobs is on the record, multiple times, saying that he doesn't think much to the Tablet idea.

Think about it: Apple has limited resources. The Tablet is a niche for Microsoft. Apple can't afford to chase niches; it has to chase the big hits in its own market. The Mac mini is not a niche within the Mac market, for example. But a "tablet" would be.

Jobs killed the Newton and its handwriting recognition. Why would he revive a bigger version?

You have to come up with more than this, really. I'd be amazed if Apple released a tablet-style product this year. The fact that lots of people *say* they would like to have one with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and a facility to cook eggs for $99 doesn't mean it's going to any time soon. Reality has to intrude, on occasion.

So, nice that you got the attention, but the Tablet remains a niche.
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