Wednesday, May 11, 2005


JKOnTheRun: Where are the gadgets? - a reader in Asia sounds off

James Kendrick has a reader with some interesting questions regarding Tablet PCs in Asia and PDA...chime in on the discussion. Where are the gadgets? - a reader in Asia sounds off

I think the questions he raises are valid across spectrum, not just Asia. That said, I think we are beginning to see a much broader acceptance of Tablet PCs. A kick-butt marketing campaign by Microsoft, an ink-enabled Outlook, and an ink-enabled Outlook Express certainly would help things, though.
The best way to avoid speeding tickets is to Watch your speed.
This may seem to be a no-brainer, but the first tip is straight forward: drivers that do not speed are not issued speeding tickets. Keep an eye on your speedometer or set the cruise control on long trips to avoid going over the speed limit, thus avoiding costly fines. Also, the faster your drive, the greater the stopping distance and the less control you have over your vehicle. Each year, countless car crashes could easily be avoided by not speeding.

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