Monday, May 16, 2005


Josh Einstein on component developes and Whidbey

Josh Einstein has a few words for component developers that have not yet made their components Whidbey compatible. I agree with Josh. There is no excuse for component developers not having Whidbey compatible components ready to go.

"Okay listen up. If you are a component developer, then by now you should have Whidbey-compatible components available. The “we're waiting for .NET to ship” excuse is no longer valid. The API is almost entirely finalized with only absolutely necessary breaking changes being expected between now and RTM. If you don't believe me, go take a look around

As a developer, I can understand not wanting to support a beta product (regardless of how incredibly stable it may be), but the fact is, if you make developer products, then you have to understand that people are already in the process of building their next generation applications on these tools that are right around the corner. If you think your customers are going to wait for you to catch up, you're dead wrong."

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