Wednesday, May 18, 2005


Just ordered LE1600 - TC1100 for sale

I placed my order for an LE1600 yesterday. So, to help pay for it, I'm selling my TC1100.

If anyone is interested, send me an email: rob at

tc1100 1.0 ghz, 1gb of ram, 40gb harddrive, wireless, bluetooth
Docking station with cd rw / dvd
Rubber flap protector
Eraser pen
Standard pen
Reformatted with sp2 installed
Extra battery
2 ac adapters
All standard software included

There is a very small scratch on the screen (you don't know its' there unless you really look).
$1250. With all the extras included, I can’t really sell it for lower than that. If I don’t sell it, that’s ok. This really is my favorite tablet among all I’ve ever owned and it would be good to have a backup testing unit.
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