Sunday, May 29, 2005


Mobile PC Sales To Drive Global Market

This from a recent Gartner survey, courtesty of

Worldwide PC sales will grow by 10% in the next year say analysts Gartner, but for a change the driving force appears to be mobile devices such as notebooks and tablet PCs. Desktop sales only will rise by just over 4%, but portable PCs will see a massive increase in shipments of 26.5%.

"Mobile PCs are continuing to attract more new users as mobile prices fall and wireless becomes more pervasive," said George Shiffler, principal analyst for Gartner's Client Platforms research. "Growing numbers of users are replacing their old desktops with more portable mobiles, and this is one of several factors helping to boost mobile PC growth."

If you are a developer, you might want to be concentrating on the mobile market, in particular the Tablet PC market.
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