Thursday, May 05, 2005


Nick Bradbury: Tablet PC, MD

Great post on Nick Bradbury's experience in a doctors office and their utilization of tablet pc's in their practice - loved the part of the doctor drawing a picture of his ear to show Nick the problem - that's the power of the personal touch.

Tablet PC, MD: "

I just returned from an appointment with a doctor whose office had upgraded to Tablet PCs since my last visit, and it was pretty cool to see non-techies benefit from these gadgets. The office had several docking stations which held the tablets, and my doctor undocked one as he walked in to see me. Geek that I am, we talked more about his office tech than we did about my reason for visiting (a simple clogged ear, btw), and he obviously loved his tablet. During the visit he took notes on the tablet, and he even used the stylus to draw a picture of my inner ear to show me what the problem was. When he was done, he handed his tablet to a nurse, who jotted a few notes down before re-docking it. This was a real-world display of tech 'in the wild,' helping someone do their job.

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