Sunday, May 22, 2005


Physics Illustrator Hints

From Shawn Van Ness:

Physics Illustrator Hints: "

I've never really blogged much about Physics Illustrator -- the little animated shape-reco funlet for Tablet PC, inspired by research from MIT, that my homie Peter Gruenbaum and I wrote at Leszynski Group.

But some mates of mine asked me about it last night, and I googled it... whoa boy! I've never seen such love and praise written about any piece of code I've touched. Here are some hints, along with a few PI downloads, worth perhaps a few extra hours of fun...


(Via Shawn A. Van Ness's weblog.)

I've got Physics Illustrator running on my tablet PC and I love it. But, do you know of a way to export the .physi files into something other than, such as Quicktime or Avi movies so that these animations can be upoloaded to a website? Thanks, Gina
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