Saturday, May 14, 2005


The right point man in America's culture war

As a former employee of Focus on the Family, I'm very pleased to see the public policy arm of Focus on the Family take such a proactive stance on items that mean much to the stability of the family. I can attest to the impact and wide reach of ministry that Focus has.

I agree with Ted Haggard's quote: "“One would be foolish to minimize his (Dobson’s) impact,” Haggard said."

We are in a culture war. Many lines are being drawn in the sand. We continue to need men like Dr. Dobson and Dave Schultheis (a good friend of mine) to stand up. We especially need men like you and me to follow in their footsteps and take up the fight in this culture for values we believe in.

The right point man in America's culture war
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